(Coloured Red on Plan.)

A Highly Important Freehold Sporting and
Residential Domain of about 750 Acres

lying practically in a Ring Fence, protected and surrounded by Woodlands forming a natural screen from Watling Street on the North, the Birmingham Road on the East, and the Sutton-Coldfield Road on the West.

It is situate two miles from the Borough of Tamworth on the London and North-western Railway main line, giving easy access to London, Manchester and all the principal Towns of the Midlands, and on the Birmingham to Derby line of the Midland Railway, which provides communication, in only 30 minutes, with Birmingham; whilst Wilnecote Station on the same line is about a mile distant.

The Stately Mansion in the Elizabethan Style

was re-built some 80 years ago, and designed by Sir Robert Smirke, R.A., mostly in
stone, surmounted with Clock and other Towers, and occupies a well-chosen site

at the termination of


and is seated in



Two Beautiful Parks with a Succession of Ornamental Lakes

It is reached from Watling Street through The Swiss Lodge, a Picturesque Cottage with Balcony, the Carriage Drive being flanked on either side by many well-grown Forest Trees and banks of Rhododendrons. Lichfield Lodge provides an Entrance from the North-West, with a Splendid Avenue of Lime Trees and a Drive through the Deer Park, and on the East is the Principal Entrance, The Drayton Lodge, with an Avenue Drive terminating with a pair of heavy iron Entrance Gates at the precincts of the Mansion and the Pinetum (a portion of the grounds planted with Coniferi in variety)

The Mansion has Historical Associations

having been visited by the late Queen Victoria, and on many occasions bv well-known statesmen and noble personages, and contains all the accommodation for a family of distinction. At the same time, apart from its residential amenities, it affords an excellent proposition as a large Hydro Hotel or Institution, while the Extensive Park lends itself to the establishment of a Golf Course.

The Building surrounds a large Courtyard, and the following is a



Porte Cochere, giving access to

The Vestibule, 12ft. by 15ft., having massive Oak Entrance Doors, with hammered iron Panels bearing the Peel Family Crest, Marble Floor, leading through Glazed Doors to

The Wide Corridor, 12ft. by 53ft., with Oak-panelled Ceiling and raised Gilt Decorations and Marble Floor.—Returning to the Vestibule, on the right is
The Porter's Passage, and to the left is The Oak Parlour, 13ft. gin. by 20ft.. with Walls half panelled, having Sienna Marble Mantel and Hearth, and Wood-panelled Ceiling.—Through Carved Oak Doors one reaches

The Statesmen's Gallery

21ft. ioin. by 87ft. 3m., a noble Apartment opening on to the Lawns and Terraces. This has a handsome Ceiling, with Carved and Moulded Panels and Lion Figures, with Ground Glass Lights, the whole being supported by massive Marble Columns. Heated by Hot Water Pipes from Separate Boiler in Basement below. The Floor is in Oak Parquet, with portion at end with Inlaid Marble,—giving access to

A Large Conservatory

octagonal in shape, containing Marble Fountains and an Aquarium;—a Corridor
from the Oak Parlour leads to

A Suite of Private Apartments

on the Ground Floor, comprising

Bed Room, 13ft. ioin. by 19ft. 7m., with fitted Wardrobe, Bath Room and W.C.
A Lofty Sitting Room, 18ft. 6in. by 26ft., having Glazed Casements, with Smoking Verandah and Entrance to a Private Garden. This Room is fitted with Presses, and the Ceiling is moulded and gilt. A Small Ante-Room adjoins.

The Picture Gallery or Billiard Room

15ft. 8in. by 74ft., with Large Recess, 11ft. 3m. by 25ft., is at the end of the wide Entrance Corridor. It has an Oak-boarded Floor, Ceilings panelled and moulded and decorated in Gilt, and two massive Carved Marble Mantels, with Gilt Decorations: there is also a Finely-carved Oak Cue Cupboard, surmounted by a Dial by West.

The Drawing Room

25ft. by 26ft. 4m. adjoins. Contains a handsome Carved Statuary Marble Mantel, with Ormolu-mounted Tile Panels and Marble Hearth. The Floor surround is in Oak and Mahogany Parquet; the Walls are hung with Green Tapestry, and the Ceiling is panelled and richly gilt. Casements open on to the Terrace. —Large Sliding Doors lead to

The Large Library

65ft. 3m. by 22ft. 4m. A Magnificent Apartment, with Two Verde Marble Mantels, Oak-boarded Floor, and completely furnished with highly polished Spanish Mahogany Book Shelves and presses.

The Staircase Hall

16ft. by 24ft., has a Marble Floor. Stone Mantel and Dog Stove, and the Grand Staircase, in Marble, 5ft. 4m. wide, with Iron Balustrading and Rosewood Hand-Rail.

The Excellent Dining Room

measures 24ft. 3m. by 36ft., and has massive Yellow Marble Mantel, panelled Walls and Ceiling, with Gilt Mouldings; a Finely-polished Oak Sideboard, fitted, and Two Pier Glasses.

The Serving Room adjoins, with Sink, Hot-Plate and Stove. The Lavatory, having Marble Floor and Marble Fitments, with Two Basins and Urinal,—Two W.C's. are convenient.—Adjoining another wide Corridor is :
The Study, 17ft. ioin. by 14ft. gin., with Stove and Dove Marble Mantel, and fitted Birch Shelving.

The Small Library, 17ft. ioin. by 18ft. 3m., with White Marble Mantel.

The Small Dining Room, 16ft. 4m. by 16ft., Oak Mantel, and Marble Hearth and Kerb, and The Gun Room.

The Domestic Offices

include Lobby and Back and Side Entrances; Large Servants' Hall, with Range and Portable Stove, Cupboards and Sink ; Lamp Room ; Lofty Kitchen, fitted with Grate and Smoke Jack, Three Hot-Plates, Gas Grill, Yorkshire Oven, Shelves and Sink; Cook's Pantry ; Cook's Sitting Room ; Large Scullery, with Range, Copper, Three Sinks and Plate Rack; Vegetable Larder; Meat Store; Meat and Game Larder; Butler's Sitting Room; Butler's Pantry, with Copper Sinks and fitted with Presses; Plate Safe; Steward's Room; Housekeeper's Room, with Range of Linen Presses; Housekeeper's Store Room, China Closet, Dry Store; Still Room, with Cupboards and Yorkshire Oven, Copper Sink, Range and Gas Grill; Maids' Sitting Room ; Dairy ; Bread Room ; House Steward's Office, with Lavatory Fitment and Door to Yard; Bakehouse, with Ovens and Bars, Servants' W.C. ; Sitting Room, Old Dairy, Store Room, Valet's Room, with Sink. The Laundry Rooms comprise Laundry Wash-house, with Six Sinks, with Hot and Cold Water Service, Two Coppers and Six Drying Horses ; Two Ironing Rooms, with Benches and Pulley Lines and Large Laundrymaids' Dormitory


Approached by Three Staircases :

12 Principal Bed and Dressing Rooms

viz. :—

        Green Dressing Room                     Blue Dressing Room.
        Green Bed Room.                         Blue Bed Room.
        Yellow Bed Room.                        Lemon Room.
        White Bed Room.                         Lemon Dressing Room.
        Buff Room.                              Rose Room.
        Buff Dressing Room.                     Rose Dressing Room.
with Bath Room, Two W.C's., Housemaid's Sink and Box Room on the Corridors.