Memories of Fazeley, written by Joseph T. Hunter in August 2008 when he was 88 years old.

The 5th Peel - Sir Robert (bandsman) Peel

The 5th Sir Robert (Bandsman) Peel was born in 1902, married in 1920 and died in 1934. His son Robert was born in 1921, a year younger than me. All of the Peels were educated at Harrow, but in his nursery years, Prime Minister Peel was educated by Dr Blick, who lived at Bonehill and I will relate to this in a later chapter.

In those days the Peels owned farms as far as the eye could see. From Upper and Lower Bangley, Mile Oak, Fazeley and Wigginton, stretching over to Kingsbury. They had crippling debts and there were two public auctions, in 1919 and 1925. Some of the farms cottages, smallholdings etc did not make the reserve, the auction sheets are much sought after and can be seen in the reference section in Tamworth library.

Bonehill house was sold. It had been occupied by Edmund MP, brother of the Prime Minister, another brother was also an MP.

Three brothers together in Parliament, would that be a record?