(Coloured Red on Plan.)

A Highly Important Freehold Sporting and
Residential Domain of about 750 Acres

lying practically in a Ring Fence, protected and surrounded by Woodlands forming a natural screen from Watling Street on the North, the Birmingham Road on the East, and the Sutton-Coldfield Road on the West.

It is situate two miles from the Borough of Tamworth on the London and North-western Railway main line, giving easy access to London, Manchester and all the principal Towns of the Midlands, and on the Birmingham to Derby line of the Midland Railway, which provides communication, in only 30 minutes, with Birmingham; whilst Wilnecote Station on the same line is about a mile distant.

The Stately Mansion in the Elizabethan Style

was re-built some 80 years ago, and designed by Sir Robert Smirke, R.A., mostly in
stone, surmounted with Clock and other Towers, and occupies a well-chosen site

at the termination of


and is seated in



Two Beautiful Parks with a Succession of Ornamental Lakes

It is reached from Watling Street through The Swiss Lodge, a Picturesque Cottage with Balcony, the Carriage Drive being flanked on either side by many well-grown Forest Trees and banks of Rhododendrons. Lichfield Lodge provides an Entrance from the North-West, with a Splendid Avenue of Lime Trees and a Drive through the Deer Park, and on the East is the Principal Entrance, The Drayton Lodge, with an Avenue Drive terminating with a pair of heavy iron Entrance Gates at the precincts of the Mansion and the Pinetum (a portion of the grounds planted with Coniferi in variety)

The Mansion has Historical Associations

having been visited by the late Queen Victoria, and on many occasions bv well-known statesmen and noble personages, and contains all the accommodation for a family of distinction. At the same time, apart from its residential amenities, it affords an excellent proposition as a large Hydro Hotel or Institution, while the Extensive Park lends itself to the establishment of a Golf Course.

The Building surrounds a large Courtyard, and the following is a



Porte Cochere, giving access to

The Vestibule, 12ft. by 15ft., having massive Oak Entrance Doors, with hammered iron Panels bearing the Peel Family Crest, Marble Floor, leading through Glazed Doors to

The Wide Corridor, 12ft. by 53ft., with Oak-panelled Ceiling and raised Gilt Decorations and Marble Floor.—Returning to the Vestibule, on the right is
The Porter's Passage, and to the left is The Oak Parlour, 13ft. gin. by 20ft.. with Walls half panelled, having Sienna Marble Mantel and Hearth, and Wood-panelled Ceiling.—Through Carved Oak Doors one reaches

The Statesmen's Gallery

21ft. ioin. by 87ft. 3m., a noble Apartment opening on to the Lawns and Terraces. This has a handsome Ceiling, with Carved and Moulded Panels and Lion Figures, with Ground Glass Lights, the whole being supported by massive Marble Columns. Heated by Hot Water Pipes from Separate Boiler in Basement below. The Floor is in Oak Parquet, with portion at end with Inlaid Marble,—giving access to

A Large Conservatory

octagonal in shape, containing Marble Fountains and an Aquarium;—a Corridor
from the Oak Parlour leads to

A Suite of Private Apartments

on the Ground Floor, comprising

Bed Room, 13ft. ioin. by 19ft. 7m., with fitted Wardrobe, Bath Room and W.C.
A Lofty Sitting Room, 18ft. 6in. by 26ft., having Glazed Casements, with Smoking Verandah and Entrance to a Private Garden. This Room is fitted with Presses, and the Ceiling is moulded and gilt. A Small Ante-Room adjoins.

The Picture Gallery or Billiard Room

15ft. 8in. by 74ft., with Large Recess, 11ft. 3m. by 25ft., is at the end of the wide Entrance Corridor. It has an Oak-boarded Floor, Ceilings panelled and moulded and decorated in Gilt, and two massive Carved Marble Mantels, with Gilt Decorations: there is also a Finely-carved Oak Cue Cupboard, surmounted by a Dial by West.

The Drawing Room

25ft. by 26ft. 4m. adjoins. Contains a handsome Carved Statuary Marble Mantel, with Ormolu-mounted Tile Panels and Marble Hearth. The Floor surround is in Oak and Mahogany Parquet; the Walls are hung with Green Tapestry, and the Ceiling is panelled and richly gilt. Casements open on to the Terrace. —Large Sliding Doors lead to

The Large Library

65ft. 3m. by 22ft. 4m. A Magnificent Apartment, with Two Verde Marble Mantels, Oak-boarded Floor, and completely furnished with highly polished Spanish Mahogany Book Shelves and presses.

The Staircase Hall

16ft. by 24ft., has a Marble Floor. Stone Mantel and Dog Stove, and the Grand Staircase, in Marble, 5ft. 4m. wide, with Iron Balustrading and Rosewood Hand-Rail.

The Excellent Dining Room

measures 24ft. 3m. by 36ft., and has massive Yellow Marble Mantel, panelled Walls and Ceiling, with Gilt Mouldings; a Finely-polished Oak Sideboard, fitted, and Two Pier Glasses.

The Serving Room adjoins, with Sink, Hot-Plate and Stove. The Lavatory, having Marble Floor and Marble Fitments, with Two Basins and Urinal,—Two W.C's. are convenient.—Adjoining another wide Corridor is :
The Study, 17ft. ioin. by 14ft. gin., with Stove and Dove Marble Mantel, and fitted Birch Shelving.

The Small Library, 17ft. ioin. by 18ft. 3m., with White Marble Mantel.

The Small Dining Room, 16ft. 4m. by 16ft., Oak Mantel, and Marble Hearth and Kerb, and The Gun Room.

The Domestic Offices

include Lobby and Back and Side Entrances; Large Servants' Hall, with Range and Portable Stove, Cupboards and Sink ; Lamp Room ; Lofty Kitchen, fitted with Grate and Smoke Jack, Three Hot-Plates, Gas Grill, Yorkshire Oven, Shelves and Sink; Cook's Pantry ; Cook's Sitting Room ; Large Scullery, with Range, Copper, Three Sinks and Plate Rack; Vegetable Larder; Meat Store; Meat and Game Larder; Butler's Sitting Room; Butler's Pantry, with Copper Sinks and fitted with Presses; Plate Safe; Steward's Room; Housekeeper's Room, with Range of Linen Presses; Housekeeper's Store Room, China Closet, Dry Store; Still Room, with Cupboards and Yorkshire Oven, Copper Sink, Range and Gas Grill; Maids' Sitting Room ; Dairy ; Bread Room ; House Steward's Office, with Lavatory Fitment and Door to Yard; Bakehouse, with Ovens and Bars, Servants' W.C. ; Sitting Room, Old Dairy, Store Room, Valet's Room, with Sink. The Laundry Rooms comprise Laundry Wash-house, with Six Sinks, with Hot and Cold Water Service, Two Coppers and Six Drying Horses ; Two Ironing Rooms, with Benches and Pulley Lines and Large Laundrymaids' Dormitory


Approached by Three Staircases :

12 Principal Bed and Dressing Rooms

viz. :—

	Green Dressing Room                     Blue Dressing Room.
	Green Bed Room.                         Blue Bed Room.
	Yellow Bed Room.                        Lemon Room.
	White Bed Room.                         Lemon Dressing Room.
	Buff Room.                              Rose Room.
	Buff Dressing Room.                     Rose Dressing Room.
with Bath Room, Two W.C's., Housemaid's Sink and Box Room on the Corridors.

" The Royal Suite "


A Large Reception Room, 11ft. 10in. by 38ft. 7in., with Marble Mantel and Stove.

Boudoir, 18ft. 6in. by 21ft. 10in., with Carved Statuary Marble Mantel, Bay Window. W.C.

Bedchamber, 17ft. in. by 26ft. 2in., Veined Marble Mantel and Hearth and Two Recessed Cupboards.

Dressing Room, 13ft. 8in. by 23ft., having Marble Mantel and Hearth.

A Handsome Bath Room with heavy Marble Bath, Stove, Marble Floor and White Tile Dado.
Bed Room, 11ft. 8in. by 18ft.

Lady's Maid's Room with Bed Room over, and,
A Box Room, a fitted Bath Room, a W.C. and a Housemaid's Sink on the Corridor adjacent.


A Suite of Four Rooms, all communicating. W.C., Large Bath Room, Fitted Lavatory.


W.C. Press on Landing. Two Long Corridors giving access to Two Bachelors' Rooms and Dressing Room: Bath Room with fitted Lavatory: Housemaid's Closet: Four Store Cupboards, Four Lady's Maids' Bed Rooms: Bath Room and fitted Lavatory : Two Maids' Rooms: Three Box Cupboards : W.C.

The Servants' Bed Rooms
by separate Staircases, include

The Maids' Quarters of Five Bed Rooms, Store Room, W.C., Bath Room and Sink.

The Menservant's Quarters of Nine Bed Rooms (on three floors), Store Cupboard, W.C. and Bath Room.

An Extensive Basement
with Four Approaches,

includes the Hot Water Apparatus, Coal, Coke, and other Stores, Eight Wine Cellars, Brew-house, Beer Cellars, and other Storage.

OUTSIDE, adjoining the Large Yard, are Two W.C's., Two Stores, Three Game Larders, Dog Box and Kennel, Laundry Slack House.


are adjacent, and contain Waiting Room, Clerk's Office, Agent's Office, and Two W.C's. with Lavatory.
The Baths, Lavatories and Sinks throughout have h. and c. Service.

The Beautiful Gardens and Pleasure Grounds *

are laid out in noble Terraces, bounded by Stone Parapet Walls surmounted by numerous Large Marble and other Vases and Urns, and include The Italian Gardens on the South, separated from the Terrace by Stone Wall and Balustrading. These contain numerous Walks and Borders and abut on to Drayton Park.
There is also

A Small Private Garden with Centre Fountain

and a Wide Walk leads up to a Large Fountain and Pond with a Mound,forming a Pleasant View from the Terrace.
The Extensive Lawns

with " The Lady Well " and Spring, are on the West, and contain Specimen Trees of Auracaria, Cedar of Lebanon, Cypress, Japanese Oak, Mulberry, Wellingtonia, and many Forest Trees. On the North is a

Large Fish Pond and the American Pool

affording good Coarse Fishing and Boating.

The American Gardens are a Feature

and embrace one of the Finest Avenues of Auracarias in the Country, and an Avenue
of Weymouth Pine, with Rustic Summer House.

The Kitchen Gardens

are contiguous and walled in. These are planted with numerous Wall and Standard Fruit Trees in variety.

The Glass Houses

include a Range of Cold Lights, Long Full-span Tomato House (heated), Range of Heated Lean-to Frames, Two Ranges of Half-span Heated Frames, Stokehold, Range of Lean-to Five-Division Vinery about 144 feet long, with copper ribs, Two-Division Heated Forcing House, Lean-to Nectarine House, Long Range of Four-Division Peach House, Range of Heated Lights, Three-quarter-span Forcing House, Two Full-span Tomato Houses and Stoke Hold.

The Garden Buildings

embrace Stable, Implement Store, Cart Shed and W.C., Range of Stokehold, with Boiler and Water Supply; Mushroom House, Fruit Room, Store Room, Manure House, Stokehold, Coal Sheds and Stores ; also Two other Stores and a Pigsty. There is a Substantial Gardener's Cottage, in Brick and Tile, containing Two Sitting Rooms, Kitchen and Three Bed Rooms.

The Commodious Stabling

(fitted throughout with Gas)

in Brick and Slate, is on Three Sides of a Large Yard, and consists of Three Sets of Four Stalls and Lofts over, Harness Cleaning Room, Mess Room with Range, Loose Box, Enclosed Yard with Heating House and Loose Box, Loose Box, Harness Room with Stove, Cleaning Room and Stalls, Very Large Coach- house, Loose Box and Three W.C's.

THE COACHMAN'S ROOMS contain Kitchen, Larder, Sitting Room, Living Room, Two Bed Rooms and W.C. There is an outside clock on the building.
WATER SUPPLY.—The Water Supply is from a Spring in the Grounds, on double Self-acting Pump to Three Large Storage Tanks in the Roof of the Mansion. There is also an Independent Supply for Fire and Domestic Purposes pumped from the Timber Yard to other Tanks. Fire Hydrants surround the Mansion.
LIGHTING.—Parts of the Mansion, the Offices and the Stables are lighted by Gas from the Fazeley Mains.
SANITATION.—An entirely New and Efficient System of Drainage was installed by Jennings, of London, some years ago.

There is also Post Office Telephone installation and service.



240 Acres

are an important asset, as they provide Excellent Cover Shooting, whilst the "Duck Decoy" affords Good Sport with Wild Fowl.

The Growing Timber,

is very considerable, there being a large quantity of Oak, Ash, Larch, Spruce, Austrian Pine, Chestnut, and other Forest Trees, which are in great demand at the present time.

The Timber Yard and Sawmills

are conveniently placed adjoining the Park Farm. These consist of a Range of Eight-bay Open Timber Sheds; Closet; Range of Brick and Slated Glass Store, Paint Store, Metal Store, General Store, Lime Shed, Two Open Tool Sheds ; a Twelve-bay Open Timber Shed ; Boiler House ; Engine House ; Large Carpenter's Shop and Store ; Saw Mill Shed and another Store.

There is in addition

The Head Keeper's Lodge, a commodious new House, and the Kennels are centrally placed in the Deer Park adjoining the Pheasantry.

ANOTHER KEEPER'S LODGE, picturesque in style and situation, near theSutton Coldfield Road,


TWO GOOD LABOURER'S COTTAGES AND GARDENS on the South, near Drayton Bassett,

TWO MODERN BRICK-BUILT COTTAGES, within the Park, known as " Park Cottages,"

SEVEN COTTAGES, known as " Bullock End," on the Eastern Boundary.

Together with the
THREE GATE LODGES already mentioned.

There is

An Excellent Cricket Ground and Pavilion
Adjoining the Deer Park


Mansion House, Lawns, Pleasure Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, Kitchen Gardens, Cricket Ground and Mill Meadow, etc. 55.419
The American Pool, the Fish Ponds and Waters............ 22.851
The Pheasantry and Croft adjoining ................. 3.783
The Gate Lodges, The Keeper's Cottages and Premises, Road-ways, Canal Banks, Stables, Timber Yard, etc. .... 4.527
The Woodlands, Plantations, Spinneys, Underwoods, Pool Beds,etc................................ 239-133

Total Area .... A. 325.713


(In Various Tenancies as under) of about

425 Acres

Surrounds the Mansion, and includes the Two Parks and several Paddocks,

together with

A Comfortable Farm House

In Red Brick and Slate, containing Entrance Passage, Drawing Room with Two Cupboards, Large Dairy, Dining Room, Pantry, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Large Larder, Cellarage, Six Bed Rooms and Lumber Room, Outside Washplace, Two Closets and a Small Yard. Kitchen Garden opposite the House.

An Extensive Homestead

adjoins several Yards. It is built in Brick and Slate, and has a Good Barn, Granary, Cowshed for Four, another Cowshed for Four, Cowshed for Six, Fodder Store, Loose Box, Cowshed for Ten, Loose Box, Weighing Machine and Office, Five Cowsheds for Three each or Feeding Boxes, Two Fodder Stores, Loose Box, Slaughter House, Cart Horse Stable for Eight, Loft over, Fodder Store, Cowshed for Four, Four Piggeries, Grinding Room, Chaffing Loft, a Large Barn, Two Large Feeding Boxes, Cowshed for Four, Fodder Store, Cowshed for Ten, Range of Fowl Houses, Closet, Blacksmith's Shop, Trap House, Three-bay Wagon Hovel and Horse Box ; also

An Excellent Sheep Yard with Pens

comprising a Building with 32 substantially constructed Sheep Pens and Racks, Open Sheep Shed fitted with Racks, and a Shepherd's Hut. There are several Hovels in the Paddocks
A Double Cottage


No. on Plan. Tenant. Description.
Acreage. Acreage.
116 Mr. Ralph Mountford ... Pasture ...... ... 0.786
121 Ditto ...... ... 0.279
Ditto ...... ... 6.292
Ditto ...... ... 2.078
Ditto ...... ... 2.078
Ditto ...... ... 7.295
Homestead ... 2 641
Pasture ...... ... 0.253
Ditto ......
Ditto ...... ... 18.146
Cottage ...... ... 0.403
Pasture ...... ... 14.764
Ditto ...... ... 2.261
Ditto ...... ... 27.651
Ditto ...... ... 14.333
Ditto ...... ... 14.291
Ditto ......

158 Reps, of Mr. Geo. Slater Ditto ...... ... 37.55
161 Ditto ...... ... 11.699
Ditto ...... ... 21.862
Ditto ...... ... 14.715

360 Mr. Horace Derricourt ... Arable ...... ... 11.913
Ditto ...... ... 9.23
Ditto ...... ... 10.612
Ditto ......
Ditto ...... ... 14.194
Spinney ... 0.677

207 Mr. Geo. H. Moulton ... Arable ...... ... 13.779
Ditto ......
Ditto ......

180 Mr. John Twemlow Slang Pasture ... 1.134

192 Various ......... Seven Cottages at

Bullock End

202a Mr. Harry Bramall Garden, Heathley Road
0.27 0.27

202b Mr. Horace Derricourt … Cottage and Garden, 0.069
203a Heathley Road

203b Mr. John Wildigg Cottage and Garden,

Heathley Road ... 0.207

278b Mr. Geo. Smart...... Cottage at Swiss Lodge 0.149

338b Mr. Wm. Taylor Cottage in Sutton Road 0.081


Total Area 424.236


Tenant. Description. Acreage. Rentals £ S. d. Nature of Tenancy and Remarks.
In Hand ........ Mansion, Garden, Woodlands, etc. 325.713 _ _ In Hand
Mr. Ralph Mountford Part of Park Farm 228.622 350 0 0 Yearly
Reps, of Mr. Geo. Slater Ditto 85.826 103 10 0 Ditto (Apportioned Rent).
Mr. Horace Derricourt Ditto 62.404 66 0 0 Ditto (Apportioned Rent).
Mr. Geo. H. Moulton.... Ditto 44.233 55 0 0 Ditto
Mr. John Twemlow .... Land ........ 1.134 1 10 0 Ditto
Various Cottages, Bullock End ........ 0.959 27 16 10 Weekly (Landlord pays Outgoings).
Mr. Harry Bramall .... Garden .... 0.27 1 0 0 Yearly (Apportioned Rent).
Mr. Horace Derricourt Cottage & Garden 0.351 5 0 0 Yearly (Apportioned Rent).
Mr. John Wildigg Ditto 0.207 7 16 0 Weekly (Landlord pays Outgoings).
Mr. Geo. Smart Ditto 0.149 11 14 0 Weekly (Landlord pays Outgoings).
Mr. Wm. Taylor Ditto 0.081 6 10 0 Yearly (Apportioned Rent).

TOTALS A. 749.949 £635 16 10

The Sporting Rights over this Lot and the Drayton Estate (to H. Ansell, Esq., expiring 1st February, 1920) includes the letting of the several Keeper's Cottages,
Pheasantry and Premises; and no apportionment of the present Rent of £200 per annum is made.

The Mines, Minerals, Oils and Clays underlying or within Lots
2 to 65 are included and Sold with this Lot.

See General Remarks and Conditions of Sale.

Annual Outgoings.

Land Tax ................................ 16 10 7
Tithes and Modus, commuted at.................... 20 0 7
Charge upon the Manor of Drayton Bassett, known as " Henry Smith's Charity," payable to Churchwardens, St, Mary's,
Lichfield....................... .... gross 18 0 0

Rent Charge, known as Grammar School Charge, payable to
the Governors .... .... .... .... .... .... gross 14 0 0

Rent Charge, known as " Hockley Hall Annuity," payable to the
Vicar of Tamworth ........................ 5 0 0

Aggregating as above per annum .... £73 11 21

Lot 15, Drayton Villa, has secured to it over this Lot the right of easement and access in respect of Water Supply and Drainage at present existing.

Lot 35, The Drayton and Fazeley Mills, has secured to it over this Lot the right of access to the Old Mill Pool (for maintenance and repairs of banks) and to the various weirs and sluices East of Swiss Lodge Drive.
A right of easement and access to the Woodlands and Pools adjacent to Mill Lane is secured to this Lot over Lots 54 and 55, and also an existing easement for surface and drainage water into Canal through Lots 52 and 53.

The Purchasers of Lots 4 and 5 have access over Heathley Lane, extending from Sutton Road to Drayton Village.

The whole bed of the Bourne Brook Cut, so far as it lies in the Lot, is included in the Sale, with the exception of the portion abutting on the South-Western side of Birmingham Plantation, of which portion one-half the bed is included.

The owner or purchaser of this Lot shall grant an easement in favour of Lots 117 and 120 and of the Bonehill Stud Farm for an uninterrupted supply of water as at present enjoyed through the Bourne Brook Cut together with the right in favour of the owners or purchasers of Lots 117 and 120 (only) to enter on the lot for the purpose of inspecting, cleansing, and repairing the Bourne Brook Cut, such right not to carry nor imply any obligation nor liability on the part of the said owners or purchasers of Lots 117 and 120 to do such inspecting, cleansing or repairing. The owner or purchaser of this Lot shall also grant an exactly similar easement in favour of Lot 35 with regard to the supply of water through the Bourne Brook.
The Lot is sold with the benefit of the right of entering on Lot 3 for the purpose of adjusting or repairing and controlling jointly with the owners or purchasers of Lots 117, 120 and 35, the sluice situated at the junction of the Bourne Brook and the Bourne Brook Cut.
A Right of Easement for house drainage of Lots 17 and 18 is reserved to those Lots into a ditch in the adjacent woodland.

This Lot is sold subject to a Right of Easement and access to the main pipe line, valves, etc. of the Drayton Village Water Supply as at present existing in Heathley Lane, on the Southern Boundary to the various properties affected.