(Coloured Brown on Plan).
intersected by the main Sutton Road, close to the Village of DRAYTON,

containing an Area of about

81a. lr. 34p.

most of which is Drained.

THE FARM HOUSE is brick built and tiled, and contains Five Bedrooms, Two Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Dairy, Larder and Cellar, with Coal House and Outoffices.

THE FARM BUILDINGS include Stabling for Three, Two Loose Boxes, Cow Sheds for Eleven, Three Open Shedb, Three Piggeries, Two Barns and large Cart Hovel. There is a good Rick Yard and also Garden and Orchard.

OUTLYING BUILDINGS consisting of Stabling for Two, Two Loose Boxes and Rick Yard.

A BLOCK OF TWO COTTAGES adjoining the latter, and ALSO A DETACHED COTTAGE and Large Garden.

The Farm and Cottages are on the Drayton Village Water Supply System and specially served with it.

One of the Block of Cottages is let to Representatives of Geo. Slater, on a Yearly Tenancy at an apportioned Rent of £6 10s. per annum. The Detached Cottage is similarly let to Mr. William Leedham at an apportioned Rent of £7 16s. per annum.

The remainder is let on a Yearly Tenancy to Mr. Richard Leake, at a Rent of £120 per annum.

The whole therefore producing

£134 6s. per annum.

Subject to Land Tax, £1 16s. 3d. per annum, and to Tithes commuted at £14 5s. 8d. per annum.



268 Arable 13.723
267 Pasture 4.725
269 Arable 7.027
271 Pasture 2.994
270 Detached Cottage and Garden .252
265 Pasture 3.221
263 Ditto .............. .897
276 Arable 7.150
272 Pasture 4.504
273 Orchard .359
274 Homestead, Buildings, Cottages and Gardens 1.803
311 Pasture 6.957
313 Part Arable, part Pasture 14.066
314 Arable 13.782

Total A. 81.460

An Easement for the main pipe line of the Drayton Village Water Supply System, and access thereto across Nos. 263,276,311 and 314 is reserved to the various properties affected.

No rights over the Private Road from Drayton to Heathley are sold with this Lot.