(Coloured Yellow on Plan).

A Capital Dairy Farm

situate on the SUTTON MAIN ROAD, comprising an Area of about

196a. lr. 22p.


The Farm House

is well situated in the centre of the Farm, is brick-built and tiled, and contains Drawing Room, Dining Room, comfortable Living Room, Four Bedrooms, Three Attics, Kitchen, Scullery, Dairy, Two Larders, Beer Cellar and Offices, with large Garden.

The Farmstead

comprises a Smithy, useful Barn and Loose Box, Cow Shed for 11, Fodder Store, Cow Shed for 17 and Loft over, Harness Room, Stables for six and Loft over, Cow Shed for six, Calf Pen, large Two- bay Open Cart Shed, Lean-to ditto, and an Iron Hay Barn (five-bay).

Two Detached Cottages
on the Roadside with good Gardens.

There is a Well and Pump for domestic purposes at the Farm. There is also an ample supply of Water for Dairying and Milk Cooling Purposes, by hydraulic ram (out of Bourne Brook Cut) situate in Field No. 341.


2 Pasture 10.147
3 Pasture 3.311
341 Ditto ............ 20.354
5 Ditto ............ 2.277
346 Ditto ............ .350
4 Arable 11.744
342 Pasture .564
6 Ditto ............ 6.783
347 Ditto ............ 1.275
15 Ditto ............ 11.668
14 Arable 8.406
7 Ditto ............ 7.409
8 Ditto ............ 11.474
13 Ditto ............ 7.307
9 Ditto ............ 7.787
10 Pasture .. . . 10.264
11 Homestead, Garden, Orchard, etc. 2.053
12 Roadway .783
19 Pasture 7.127
18 Ditto ............ 11.073
17 Cottage and Garden .348
27 Pasture 1.898
43 Cottage and Garden .384
26 Arable 14.960
25 Ditto ............ 7.082
20 Pasture 10.091
21 Ditto ............ 19.468

Total A. 196.387

Fields Nos.27 and 43 are let with other Lands to Mr. Edward S. Williams, on a Yearly Tenancy, at an apportioned Rent of £110s. per annum.

Fields No. 3, 341, 5 and 346 are let with other lands to Mr. William Taylor, on a Yearly Tenancy, at an apportioned Rent of £26 per annum.

The remainder is let to Mr. Edward S. Williams on a Yearly Tenancy, at a Rent of £190 18s. 6d.

The whole producing

£218 8s. 6cl. per annum.

Tenant paying Insurance.

Subject to Land Tax (apportioned) at £3 2s. 9d. per annum.

It is understood that the Surface Drainage from adjoining property on the South Side passes in an Underground Main, independent of the Farm Drainage, through Field No. 26, etc., direct to the ditch in Field No. 18.

Similarly at the North-west corner of Field No. 2 into the Bourne Brook, and the Farm is sold subject to whatever rights may exist in regard thereto.

Half the Bed of the Bourne Brook Cut, so far as it abuts on this Lot, is included in the Sale.
The Owner or Purchaser of this Lot shall grant an Easement in favour of Lots 117 and 120 and of the Bonehill Stud Farm for an uninterrupted Supply of Water as at present enjoyed through the Bourne Brook Cut, together with the right in favour of the Owners or Pur- chasers of Lots 117 and 120 (only) to enter on the Lot for the purpose of inspecting, cleansing or repairing.

The Lot is also Sold subject to the right of the Owners or Purchasers of Lots 1,35,117 and 120 to enter the land for the purposes of adjusting, repairing and controlling the Sluice situated at the junction of the Bourne Brook and the Bourne Brook Cut.