LOTS 94, 95 and 96

LOT 94
(Coloured Blue on Plan).

The Adjoining Meadow and a Piece of
Garden Ground

containing together about

2a. 3r. 37p.

The Purchaser of this Lot will be entitled to a Right of Way over the land, including a small part of Lot 92, reserved for widening Copes Lane, and also to Bloods Lane over Lots 93, 92 and 91, and a Right of Way over this Lot will be granted or reserved in favour of Lots 92 and 93.

This Lot is also in hand and immediate Possession can be given. Estimated Rental

£9 per annum.

Subject to Land Tax of 2s. 6d. per annum.

LOT 95

(Coloured Green on Plan).

"The Leys" Allotments,

In the Parish of Wigginton, close to the Borough Boundary, extending to an area of about

la. 3r. 6p.

Let in Plots to various Tenants, and producing an aggregate Rental of

£12 17s. 6d. per annum,

Landlord paying Rates and Taxes.

LOT 96

(Coloured Blue on Plan.)

Accommodation Grass Land

(a small plot is cultivated as a Garden)
abutting on BONEHILL ROAD, with good approach on the Western side, containing

4a. 2r. 34p.

or thereabouts.

Let with other lands, on a Yearly Tenancy to Messrs. Robinsons Brewery, Limited, at a Rent of £27 per annum : the Apportioned Rent in respect of this Lot being

£14 per annum,

Subject to Land Tax (apportioned), 6s. per annum.