LOTS 92 and 93

LOT 92

(Coloured Pink on Plan).

Rich Market Garden Land

Well situate just off Copes Lane, having an area of about

10a. 3r. lp.




A. R. P.


Pt. 445 Market Garden.......... ..

Pt. 446

6 0 30
521 Ditto ............

4 2 11

Total A. 10 3 1

A small part of Pt. 445 is let on a Yearly Tenancy to Mr. James Russell, at an Annual Rent of.....................
.£0 12 0

The remainder is let on a Yearly Tenancy to Mr. Wm. Riley, at per annum .. .. 29 0 0

A total Rental of £29 12s. per annum.

Subject to Land Tax of 9s. 2d. per annum.

The Purchaser will be entitled to a Right of Way from Copes Lane over Lots 93 and 94, and over that part of the adjoining land on the North-east which is reserved for the ultimate widening of Copes Lane, and to a Right of Way over Lot 91 from Bloods Lane.

The Purchaser shall also throw into Copes Lane so much of the land as will widen Copes Lane to 36 feet, and rights of way thereover will be granted (or reserved as the case may require) for the benefit of Lots 93 and 94 and other lands. A Right of Way will also be reserved or granted over this Lot, along the side of the Field No. 521, in favour of Lots 93 and 94.
The owner of the land marked 446 (uncoloured) on the Northern Boundary of 445 is under covenant to erect and maintain a Fence on the Southern and Eastern sides thereof.

There is a gateway in the fence between Mr. Matthew's land and this Lot, and the Lot is sold subject to any Right of Way in respect thereof.

LOT 93

(Coloured Yellow on Plan).

A Very Useful Meadow

Adjoining previous Lots, and having an Area of about

2a. 3r. 7p.

The Purchaser of this Lot will be entitled to a Right of Way from Copes Lane over Lots 92 and 94 and over the land reserved for widening, and also to Bloods Lane over Lots 91 and 92. A Right of Way over this Lot will be reserved in favour of Lots 91, 92 and 94.

This Lot is in hand and immediate Possession can be given. Estimated Rental

£9 per annum.

Subject to Land Tax of 3s. 2d. per annum.