LOT 53

(Coloured Sienna on Plan.)

Fourteen Brick and Tiled Cottages

Nos. 38 to 64 (even) Mill Lane, Fazeley

Let on Weekly Tenancies.

Nos. 38to 60 each contains: KITCHEN, Scullery, Pantry and TWO BEDROOMS. Nos. 62 and64 contain : LIVING ROOM, KITCHEN, Pantry, and THREE BEDROOMS.

All have Gardens in rear and Out Offices.

Water is laid on and most of the Cottages have Gas.

A Right of Way to the rear of these Cottages is reserved through an entry on Lot 54. The Sewerage service for this property joins the service of Lot 54 through said entry, and right of this easement is reserved. There is an easement for surface water, by a culvert underneath the gardens at the south end, on its course into the Canal, and right of access and easement is reserved to the purchaser of Lot 1.



s. d.
38 Arthur Baker 3 0
40 Chas. Drakeley 3 0
42 Thos. Thompson 3 0
44 Thos. Baker 3 0
46 Jas. Arnold 3 0 Apportioned Rent.
48 Fredk. Steward 3 0
50 Thos. Lakin 3 0 Apportioned Rent.
52 W. H. Smith 3 2
54 Chas. Pearce 3 0
56 Tolson's Limited 3 0
58 Reginald Grimley 3 0
60 Richard Allsopp 3 2
62 Mrs. Barker 3 11 Apportioned Rent.
64 Mrs. Smith 3 11 Ditto
The whole comprises an area of

2r. 20p.

and produces a Rental of

£114 16s. 8d. per annum.

Landlord pays Outgoings.

The Purchaser shall be required to maintain substantial fence on the Western boundary of this Lot