LOT 52

(Coloured Green on Plan.)

A Block of Cottages with Gardens

extending practically the whole length of MILL LANE, FAZELEY, and abutting in the rear on the Birmingham and Coventry Canal.

This property affords an excellent opportunity for the development of a central and convenient Wharfage and Store Ground, consisting of

Two Cottages, Nos. 3 and 5 Mill Lane,each containing KITCHEN, Pantry, Coal House,BEDROOM and Attic, with Gardens and Out Offices.

One Cottage, No. 7 Mill Lane, and part No. 9, containing KITCHEN, Pantry, Coal House, TWO BEDROOMS, Two Attics, with a Garden.

No. 9 Mill Lane (in hand) used as a Store.

No. 11 Mill Lane, Parlour (as shop), Living Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Three Bedrooms, Closet and Ashpit, with Garden.

Gas and Water are laid on.


S. d.

3 Walter Reeves

2 8
5 Alfred Carter

3 3
7 Harry Bayliss

3 6
9 Store (in hand)

11 Walter Barrett

4 8

The remaining land is let in Allotments with Weekly Tenancies at the Apportioned Rent of £1 16s. Od. per annum.

There is an Easement for Surface Water, by a culvert underneath the Gardens at the South end, on its course into Canal, and right of access and easement is reserved to the Purchaser of Lot 1.

The whole comprises an

Area of 0a. 2r. 12p.


£38 8s. 4d. per annum.

Landlord pays Outgoings.