LOT 35

LOT 35

(Coloured Yellow on Plan.)

A Lot of Special Interest to Smallware Manufacturers.

The Drayton & Fazeley Tape Mills

Economically run by

Water Power and Turbine Installations.

Gas and Water are laid on.


A Four-storey Brick and Slated Building, consisting of:

ON THE GROUND FLOOR—Power Room, Store Rooms, Office, with Weaving Room 024 Looms and One Winding Machine).

ON SECOND FLOOR—Weaving Room (40 Looms and One Winding Machine).

THIRD FLOOR—Weaving Room (40 Looms and One Winding Machine).

With Well-lighted Storing Loft over all.

Substantial Old Shafting and Double New Shafting with Steam Heating Piping throughout the Floors.

THE OUTSIDE OFFICES consist of Stoke-hole and Boiler-house (with pump adjacent driven off the turbine), Stable, Mess Room, Closets and Urinals and Safety Staircase.

The Turbine, 24 H.P. By Gilkes of Kendal, was recently installed. The Large Reservoir alongside the Mill on the roadside is fed by the Birmingham Canal and is an Auxilliary Supply for this Mill
Consist of a Wharfage on the Canal side; TWO COTTAGES and Gardens; SPOIL GROUND alongside; METER-HOUSE AND STORE (readily convertible to Cottages); MESS ROOM for workers; OFFICE; Two-storey Tiled Building fitted with Machinery Shafting as CALENDER SHOP; Two Large STORE ROOMS with MAKING-UP ROOMS over; TWO SIZING ROOMS; LARGE POLISHING SHOP, well supplied with Power; GAS ENGINE HOUSE, fitted with Modern Suction Gas Plant, Water Tower, etc., supplying the Power in the foregoing Buildings.

A DYE-HOUSE in Three Bays, directly connected with ample filter beds, fitted with Steam Fittings and about one dozen large pans.
FOUR CLOSETS AND URINAL. A Detached LOGWOOL. SHOP. A long range of TIMBER SHEDS (wood and felt) ; DRUG STORE; DYE HOUSE (Two-storey), with pans.

PATTERN ROOM and DRYING ROOM for Timber, also Boiler House and Storehouse over; Three-storey Store Rooms; Workers' Kitchen and Blacksmith's Shop (detached).

is Four-storey, brick-built and tiled.

THE GROUND FLOOR consists of well-lighted and well-fitted MECHANICS' SHOP, TIMBER STORES, and other store adjoining (fitted with polishing machines), POWER HOUSE with TWO TURBINES, 24 h.p. and 36 h.p. respectively. The remainder of this Floor is used as a Weaving Room, with 24 looms.

THE SECOND FLOOR consists of Two Store Rooms and Weaving Room, with 20 Looms and Winding Machine.

THE THIRD FLOOR as Weaving Room with 60 Looms.

THE TOP FLOOR is used as Store.

Gas is fitted throughout the Mill and Premises, and the Mill is provided with Safety Staircase.

Some of the Outside Premises have been erected by the present tenants for the convenience and extension of their Works, and it is expressly provided in their Lease that Lessees' interest in such buildings can be acquired at a Valuation assessed by Arbitration.

This also applies to Trade Plant, including a Steam Engine which has been fitted up as an alternative power to the Turbines in case of necessity.

The Lease sets out such of the Fittings as belong to the Lessor or Vendor, and these are included in the Sale.

As the Lease under which these Premises are held expires at September, 1919, the Sale now affords an excellent opportunity for an enterprising firm to secure well-placed Manufacturing Premises easily adaptable to almost any class of business.

The WATER SUPPLIES may be described in their courses, as follow:—

THE OLD MILL POOL, No. 389, Lot 1, which directly supplies the Fazeley Mill, is fed naturally by the Water Supply set forth in Lot 117, after having served that Lot, and supplemented by the Bourne Brook water (which passes from Hint's Forge through various lots shown on the Plan, commencing at the N.W. corner of Lot 3).

A branch of the Bourne Brook collects its water into large Reservoirs known as The Duck Decoy and Fishponds (shown in Lot 1), passing on through that Lot. joining up the waters above referred to on its way to the Drayton Mill.

The Lot is therefore Sold with the benefit of the grant of an Easement in its favour bv the Owner or Purchaser of Lot 1 for a Supplv of Water as at present enjoyed through the Bourne Brook.

There are Flood Gates West of the Old Mill Pool controlling any over-supply to the Fazeley Mill (easing it into this latter branch of the Bourne Brook). There are also flood gates for similar purposes adjacent to Drayton Mill.

A Right of Access to the Controls and Flood Gates, and Right of Access for the Maintenance and Repairs of the Pool Banks and the Cleansing of the Watercourses, East of the Swiss Lodge drive on Lot 1, for the effectual working of the Mills, is reserved to the Purchaser of this Lot, and may be exercised at all reasonable times and occasions, but without prejudice or damage to the rights or properties of Lot 1, and also the right, jointly with the Purchasers of Lots 1, 117 and 120, of entering on Lot 3 for the purpose of adjusting, repairing or controlling the Sluice situated at the junction of the Bourne Brook and the Bourne Brook Cut.




430 Fazeley Mills and Premises ... ... ... ... 1 2 8

Wharfage 0 0 15

Gardens opposite... ... ... ... 0 0 15
431,128 Water Course .................. 0 1 26
432,129 Gardens 0 3 1
130,132,134 Drayton Mill and Premises, Sluices, etc....... 2 3 22
147 Reservoir 1 0 28
133,146 Land adjoining ditto 1 3 19
148 Grass Land 1 1 2

The whole comprises an Area of about A. 10 0 16

Nos. 129 and 432 are let as Weekly Tenancies, and Allotment Gardens, yielding per annum (apportioned), Landlord paying Outgoings ... ... ...
£16 18 0

No 148 is let on Yearly Tenancy to Mr. John Dickinson, at an Annual Rent of ... 1 10 0

The remainder is let with other Lands, etc., on Lease expiring 29th September, 1919, to Messrs. William Tolson, Ltd., at a Rent for the whole of £250 per annum; the apportioned Rent in respect of this lot is, per annum ... ... ...

239 0 0

The Right of Fishing in the Reservoir No. 147 is let with other Fishing Rights else- where to Representatives of Dr. Thos. Buxton, on a Yearly Tenancy, at a Rent of £20 per annum ; the Apportioned Rent in respect of such Rights on this Lot is, per annum ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ,.. ...

10 0 0

Under Agreements duly executed, Messrs. Tolson, Ltd., pay to the Landlords an annual 5 per cent, interest on the expenditure incurred in supplying the Mills with additional Turbine and Gas Suction Plant, amounting to ... …

50 13 6

The total Income arising out of this Lot, therefore, amounts to, per annum,

£318 Is. 6d.

Subject to Land Tax £2 5s. lOd. per annum.

The Vendors' Rights and Ownership, Manorial and otherwise, in the Bridge across the Canal adjacent to the Fazeley Mill, are Sold with this Lot, subject to rights of public user (if any).