LOTS 32 and 33

LOT 32

(Coloured Brown on Plan.)

Useful Field of Accommodation Grass

with Rick Yard and Two brick built Hovels, having an area of

5a. 2r. 20p.

Let as Arable Land on a Yearly Tenancy to Mr. John H. Ingley at a Rent of

£14 per annum,

Subject to Land Tax, 4s. 4d. per annum.

Half the Site of the Accommodation Road on the Northern side of this Lot is included in the Sale up to the main Coleshill Road, and it is Sold subject to a Right-of-way in favour of Lots 7, 11, 12, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 39 as a means of access to those Lots.

The Lot is also Sold with the benefit of a Right-of-way over the whole road so far as it adjoins the Lot

LOT 33

(Coloured Blue on Plan.)

Two Useful Cottages

with GARDENS, situate adjoining

Coleshill Street, Fazeley

One Cottage contains KITCHEN, Scullery, LIVING ROOM, and large Store over, and TWO BEDROOMS. Outside Closet. Gas laid on.

The other Cottage has KITCHEN, LIVING ROOM, Scullery, TWO BEDROOMS, with Outside Closet.

Water is laid on. Comprising an

Area of about 27 perches.

The former is let, with other property, to Messrs. William Tolson, Limited, on lease expiring 29th September, 1919, the Apportioned Rent attributable to this Cottage being £11 per annum. The remaining Cottage is let on a Weekly Tenancy to Messrs. Win. Tolson, Limited, at 4s. 2d. per week or AO 16s. 8d. per annum.

Total Rental £21 16s. 8d. per annum.

(assessable for rates in Drayton Parish)

Landlord pays Outgoings on one Cottage