LOT 19

(Coloured Brown on Plan).
A Block of Three Cottages



in DRAYTON VILLAGE covering an Area of about

Oa. lr. 24p.

Each contains Two Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Room and Pantry, with brick-built Pigstyes and Hovels, Gardens in rear, and Outoffices.

No. 1 is let on Weekly Tenancv to William Tomkinson (2s. 6d., less 4s. per annum for additional Garden in Lot 16).

No. 2 is let with Brook Farm, the apportioned Rent for which is £6 10s. per annum (less 4s. Per annum for additional Garden in Lot 16).

No. 3 is let on Weekly Tenancy to Mr. George Smart (2s.)

The whole producing a Rental of

£17 16s. per annum,

Landlord paying Outgoings.

Subject to Land Tax apportioned at 5s. per annum, and to Tithe commuted at 11d. per annum.

The Village Drainage System (which also serves these Cottages) passes through this Lot and all rights thereof are reserved to the various Properties affected.