LOT 18

(Coloured Green on Plan.)

A Block of Four Cottages



Brick built and slated, with enclosed Gardens in front, and large Gardens in rear, covering an area of about

Oa. lr. 31p.

Let on Weekly Tenancies, as follow :—

No. 1 to Mrs. Aubrey (2s., less 4s. a year for Garden in Lot 16);

No. 2 to Mrs. Brown (2s.);

No. 3 to Mrs. Clemson (Is. 6d.),
each containing Two Bed Rooms, One Living Room, Kitchen, Pantry with Pigsty and Hovel;

No. 4 is let to Mr. Walter Pearson (2s.), contains Three Bed Rooms, Living Room, Kitchen, Pantry, with Pigsty and Hovel;

No. 5, "The Old School House," in hand (permission to use as a Sunday School is granted to the Rector free, terminable at will).

The whole produces an Apportioned Rental of

£19 8s. 2d. per annum,

Landlord paying Outgoings.

Subject to Land Tax apportioned at 5s. per annum, and to Tithe commuted at Is. lOd. Per annum.

A Right of Drainage, as mentioned in previous Lot, is reserved.