LOT 17

(Coloured Yellow on Plan).

A Small Holding of Several Enclosures

In the VILLAGE OF DRAYTON, covering an Area of about

15a. 2r. 35p.

And comprising a large

Double Bay-Windowed Dwelling House

Two Storey Brick and Tiled, consisting of THE POST OFFICE, Living Room, Sitting Room, Three Bedrooms, Two Attics, Kitchen, Wash-house, Dairy and Carpenter's Shop. The Outside Buildings consist of Hovel with Copper and Thrawl, Cowshed tying for Four. Pigsty, Two Hen Roosts, Stabling for Two, all in enclosed Yard. In Croft No. 258 there is Cart Hovel. Cowshed tying for Four, with Rick Yard.

The Water Supply is from the Village System to a Pump and a Tank in the Yard, the overflow from which passes on to Lot 10 (q.v.)

Let on a Yearly Tenancy, with other Lands, to Mr. Harry Bramall, at a Rent for the whole of £43 per annum : the apportioned rent in respect of this Lot being

£42 per annum,

Tenant paying Insurance.
Subject to Tithes Commuted at £3 0s. 5d. per annum and Land Tax, 18s. 6d. per annum.



257 House and Buildings

262 Arable Field
Pt. 261 Garden

258 Croft and Rick Y'ard

282 Pasture

283 Ditto ......

302 Arable

301 Pasture
Pt, 279 Garden

Total A. 15.720

The Drainage System of the Village passes on to Lot 10 through fields Nos. 282 and 283, which easement, and access thereto, is reserved to the various properties affected. A right of access on the Western side of the Dwelling House, so far as this Lot extends, is reserved over the road leading into Drayton Park.

The benefit of a Right of Access to Enclosure No. 262 over Heathley Lane will be conveyed with this Lot.

The House Drainage joins the drainage of Lot 18, and passes into ditch in Lot 1.

There is a Wayleave for pipe line across No. Pt. 279 conveying Water to the Council Schools adjacent, for which an Acknowledgment Rent of 2s. 6d. per annum is paid.

In the Garden. Pt. 279. is the underground main catch tank of the Drayton Village Water Supply, and all rights in respect of it, so far as it affects the service and supply to it, to the viallage pump and to the various other Properties connecting are reserved.

An Access to this Garden is reserved in Lot 21