LOT 16

(Coloured Pink on Plan).

A Fine Block of 14 Modern Cottages

Prettily situated in the Village of Drayton, with Enclosed Gardens in Front and Large Gardens and Allotments in Rear.

There is comprised in this Lot an area of about

5a. 2r. 24p.

These Cottages are in great demand and never idle, and are substantially built and of ornamental design.

The Accommodation in each Cottage is : Living Room, Pantry, large Wash-house and Copper, Three Bedrooms, inside Coal House. Pigsty and E.C.; also, Ashpit to each pair.

There is a Drainage System serving these Cottages joining the Village System in the Roadway, and the Right of such Drainage is reserved in the various Lots through which the system passes.


William Leedham Yearly Tenancy. . 2s. 9d. per week (Apportioned)
Ditto...... Ditto 2s 9d. Ditto Ditto
James Cockram Weekly Tenancy 2s 9d. Ditto
Wm. Jenkins Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
John Lane Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
Arthur Insley Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
Joseph Jenkins Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
Mary Tomlinson Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
Annie Wileman Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
Vernon Tomlinson Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
Horace Derricourt Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
Thomas Tilling Ditto 2s. 9d. Ditto
Charles Sprigg Yearly Tenancy 2s. 9d. Ditto
Wm. Kirk Weekly Tenancy 2s. 9d. Ditto

A few of the Gardens in the Allotment Ground are let, with other Cottages, yielding in addition £2 4s. per annum.

The whole producing a Rental of

£102 6s. per annum,

Landlord paying Outgoings.