LOT 120

(Coloured Yellow on Plan).

Cotton Yarn and Tape Bleach Works,


Drawing a regular and steady business because of its location as half-way between Manchester Spinners and London Manufacturers, and also bv reason of the fact that it is THE ONLY WORKS OF ITS KIND within a very large radius.

The various Buildings are compactly arranged and economically run with Water as the Main Power.

These comprise: BOILER HOUSE and Shed, with Two Lancashire Boilers; BANDING ROOM, with Engine Room partitioned off; MAKING-UP ROOM with Shafting and Power Presses; BOILING SHED with Six Kiers, having Steam and Cold Water Service to each pan; CHEMICAL STORE, with Four Mixing Pans; BLEACHING ROOM with Four Cisterns with Two Centrifugal Pumps and Two Stone Wells as chemical reservoirs, also Soap Pan and Soap Boiler, and Three Pairs Heavy Oak Stocks on tappet wheels. THE FINISH- ING ROOM is furnished with Soap Wheel, driven from the engine; Two Hydro Extractors, belt driven, with separate horizontal engines, and a Bleaching Cistern served by a bucket Dash- wheel from the Watercourse.

There are also Carpenter's and Smith's Shop; Making-up Room, with hand presses: Drug Store; Wagon Shed; Auxiliary Drying Stores, fitted with steam coils, and an open Airing Shed. A separate Range is fitted with up-to-date Drying Machine, fans, racks, etc.. by Partridge, of Kidderminster.

Two Workmen's Cottages adjoin the Entrance.

The Tapper Shafting is driven by large Water Wheel with spur wheel and driving wheel, controlled by Rack and Pinion Shuttle adjoining the circular Well Weir.

Apart from the Water to the driving wheels, there are two sources of other water reserved to this Lot, passing through FOUR SAND AND GRAVEL FILTER BEDS into a Large Covered RESERVOIR with capacity of about 200,000 gallons. The filtered supply passes under the road to the Works, and attached is a Pulsometer Pump for raising this water to Three large outside DISTRIBUTING TANKS. There is a Storm-water Easement, which also crosses the road into the Brook at the corner of Lot 119. The whole covers an Area of

3a. 3r. 21p.

The Two Cottages are let on Weekly Tenancies yielding Rents (apportioned) £18 8s. 4d. Per annum.

The remainder is let on Lease to Messrs. Tolson, Ltd., dated 10th November, 1914, for 14 years as from 25th March, 1914 (terminable at 25th March, 1921), at Rent of £105 per annum.
The whole therefore producing

£123 8s. 4d. per annum.

An Easement for a Right of Water from the Bourne Brook Cut (which passes through Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 122) will be granted by the Owners or Purchasers of Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 122 to this Lot, with right of access for cleansing the course and repair and maintenance of the banks, but without any obligation on the part of the Owner or Purchaser of this Lot or of Lot 117 to< do so, together with control of nil weirs and sluices thereon, with the exception of the sluice situated at the junction of the Bourne Brook and the Bourne Brook Cut, wThere joint control is reserved to Lots 1, 35, 117 and this Lot. Lot No. 3 and Bonehill Stud Farm, west of the Lot, have supplies from this source for Hydraulic Rams. This Water, on its course, also serves Lot 117, and may not, therefore, be diverted nor obstructed in course or volume, and the Pur- chaser shall for this reason undertake not to at any time raise the level of the water on the Premises above the normal level of the existing well weir, nor otherwise impede it in its flow to Reservoir No. 252 on Lot 117.

Access to the " Fish Pond " over the road from Bonehill on Lot 124 is reserved.

Certain of the Fittings and Fixtures belong to the Landlord, and are included in the Sale.