LOT 117

(Coloured Red on Plan.)


on the WATLING STREET, FAZELEY, self-contained with MANAGER'S HOUSE and OFFICES and a BLOCK of THREE WORKMEN'S COTTAGES, together with a large Area of


Successfully carried on by Mr. F. G. Allton, Corn Miller and Merchant, Tamworth.

THE MILL is run with water power, and consists of a Large Four-storey Slated concern, in Four Floors—Unloading Floor with hoist; Garnering and Storage Floor; Milling Floor, with Five Sets of Stones, shafting and cogs; and the Filling Floor, with large Water Wheel and Pit Wheel and main shafting. Various of the Fittings and Fixtures belong to the Landlord, and are sold with the Lot: Those belonging to the Tenant may be taken to at Valuation.

THE OUT OFFICES consist of Dairy, Office, Two Wagon Hovels, Seven Piggeries, Stabling for Three, Cowsheds for Eight, Loose Box, Kiln House and Chaff House, with valuable Orchard in rear.

THE MANAGER'S HOUSE adjoins the Mill on the Watling Street, alongside the Garden, consisting of Parlour, Living Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Scullery and Cellar, with Three Bedrooms and Two Attics.

Gas and Water are laid on.

THE COTTAGES are in the Mill Yard, each consisting of Living Room, Kitchen, Pantry, and Two Bedrooms.
THE ACCOMMODATION LANDS are all in Grass, compactly situated in the rear of the Mill Premises, suitably serving the adjunct businesses carried on by Mr. Allton, of Poultry and Dairy Farming.

The Main Water Supply after serving the Bleach Works (Lot 120 shewn on the Plan higher up), passes to this Lot through ample reservoirs and brook course, and the use and control of it and of the sluices and flood gates within the coloured area, are given to the purchaser so far as it serves his workings, whence it passes to other control in its course to the Mills at Fazeley; the purchaser of this Lot undertaking that such waters will not be held up nor their course obstructed in volume to the disadvantage of the said Bleach Works or Mills for want of due care in preserving and maintaining the banks of the pools and reservoirs or in cleansing the courses within the area.

An Easement for a right of Water from the Bourne Brook Cut, as at present enjoyed, will be granted by the Owners or Purchasers of Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 122 to this Lot, with the Right of Access over those Lots and over Lot 119 for the purpose of inspecting, cleansing and repairing the Bourne Brook Cut, but such right is not to carry nor imply any obligation on the part of the Purchaser of this Lot nor of Lot 120 to do such inspecting, cleansing or repairing.

The Lot is also Sold with the benefit of the Right of Entering on Lot 3 for the purpose of adjusting or repairing and controlling, jointly with the Owners or Purchasers of Lots 1, 35 and 120, the Sluice situated at the junction of the Bourne Brook and the Bourne Brook Cut.

The Sporting Rights and Fishing Rights are sold with the Lot.

A right of access to the large reservoir No. 252 for all purposes is reserved to this Lot over the Cart Road leading from Bonehill in Lot 124.

Access to the Weir and Reservoir adjacent to Lot 118 is reserved over that Lot. The whole covers an area of about

31a. 3r. 35p.

Let on Yearly Tenancies to Mr. F. G. Allton at the low Annual Rent of £143 Is. (Apportioned).

The Bonehill Fishing is let on a Yearly Tenancy with other Fishing Rights elsewhere, to Representaives of Dr.Thos. Buxton, at an Annual Rent of £20, the apportionment of this Rent in respect of this Lot is £10 per annum.

The whole producing a Rental of

£153 1s. 0d. Per annum,

Subject to Land Tax , £2 1s. 2d. Per annum.


no. description. area. no. description. area.

271 Orchard Spinney and Piggeries 1.248 235 Spinney .921
369 Mill and Mill Press, Cottages and
256 Land & Hovel & Water Course 1.245

Yard, Manager's House, &c. .716 234 Water Course 1.479
270 Field and Spinney 4.804 233 Pasture 9.528
272 Reservoir 1.919 196b Woodland .350
273 Pool Banks & Water Course .. .885 250a Millstream .312
253 Reservoir .739 365 Do. ...... .007
254 Pool Banks .423

255 Reservoir, Banks & Ditch 1.054
A. 31.972
252 Reservoir Banks and Ditch 6.010

251a Pt. Pool Banks and Water Course .332