LOTS 102 and 103

LOT 102

(Coloured Green on Plan.)

Five Enclosures of Grass and Market

Garden Land

In BITTERSCOTE LANE, with approaches on East and West sides, comprising an Area of

9a. 1 r. 27p.


A. R. P.


Pt. 93 Lane 0 0 39
97 Market Garden Land 2 2 29
133 Grass Land 2 3 37
134 Ditto...... ...... 1 1 34
135 Market Garden Land 0 3 30
136 Allotments and Roadway 1 0 18

Field No. 136 is let in Plots to various Tenants, yielding £5 6s. per annum,

Landlord pays Rates and Taxes.

The remainder is let on a Yearly Tenancy to Mr. Charles Wainwright, at a Rent of /30 per annum.

Tenant pays Rates and Taxes.

The whole therefore producing

£35 6s. per annum.

Subject to Land Tax (apportioned) 8s. Id. per annum.

LOT 103

(Coloured Yellow on Plan.)

Allotment Land,

adjoining Lot 96, convenient to Tamworth.
Let in Plots as Gardens to various Tenants.

Area about 3a lr. 24p.

Yielding rents aggregating to

£15 12s. per annum.

Landlord pays Outgoings.

Subject to Land Tax (apportioned) 4s. per annum.