Mid 20th Century Fazeley and Mill Lane

Editor's comment. " Maureen Sanderson writes about her early days in Fazeley, naming people she knew and the places they lived."

All though I was not born in Fazeley, I have always had conections with the area. My aunty  Muriel Adams  (nee  Griffiths    -married to my uncle  Cyril Adams  ) was born in Fazeley - they used to bring me to Fazeley to visit her mom when I was little.

My uncle  Wilf Adams  married  Iris Chipman  from Fazeley and always lived there. My aunt  Evelyn Thompson  (nee Adams) lived at one time opposite the Swiss Lodge and their eldest child was christened at Fazeley church.

My parents  Arthur and Aisne Adams  lived in new street in Fazeley for the first twelve months of their marriage. So I don’t know whether it was in my genes or coincidence that when I met my future husband it turned out he was born and brought up in Fazeley.

He was  Phil Sanderson  before he left school he was the butchers boy for  Bert Baylis  delivering meat for Mile Oak and Fazeley. he lived with his mother  Winifred Sanderson  (nee  Lakin)  and father  Fred, brother Michael Sanderson  and sister  Carolyn sanderson. They lived at 64 mill lane. 

Their gran was  Emma Lakin  she was born  Emma Bailey  in the small cottages that ran all down one side of mill lane. Looking in the census most of the  Baileys  lived in mill lane. She left school at 13 and went to work as a indoor servant to the old  Sir Robert Peel,where she met her future husband  William Lakin, an out door servant.

Emma  progressed to become housekeeper to the last  Sir Robert Peel. After retiring she bought 64 mill lane which used to be a school. She had a sweet shop in the front room there. She sold the house to her daughter Winifred, went into service again for ten years then retired again to the cottage attached to the butchers shop at the top of mill lane. After a few years she moved to the cottage over the road where she died in 1967. 

I think the last house was next to the slaughter house from what I remember.  Cal  (Carolyn) got married and also lived in Mill lane with husband  Bob White  and daughter  Donna  was born there.  Unfortunately Bob was killed in a car crash age 22.

I came to live in fazeley in 1962 on my marriage to phil sanderson.We Rented a cottage in Atherstone street. The rent was 5 shillings a week rising to 7s and 6 pence by the time we left. There were lots of terraced cottages in fazeley then. There was a island always called the square (later changed to traffic lights then back to an island again) 

From the island there was the chemist on the corner where the Peninsular is now with cottages either side in Atherstone street and Colesworth street. 

In Atherstone st. opposite there were cottages and the old chappel. Cottages In new st. Coleshill st, Brookend, Lichfield st. From mill lane to the nurses house then past the bungalow to broomfield ave.

There Were also quite a few shops. I was amazed at what you could get at these shops. There was the photographers by the post office which also sold knitting wool, ciggs from the chemist, milk from the pub. If one shop was closed you could still get what you wanted from some where else. 

There was the parish hall where we went to dances and the baby clinic was held there every monday after noon. There was the methodist chapel on the canal bridge where Emma Lakin played the organ, at one time Florrie Barlow preached there and christened our children.   Also Tom Bird, his wife and son took the sunday school.

The Doctor's surgery was opposite the church on the corner of Brook End.

a lot of fazeley people were employed at Tolsons Mill. The one along the canal was still working and the one at the bottom of mill lane.The one along the Coleshill road was pulled down and the bleach works opposite the Swiss Lodge had closed . The big house by the church was pulled down and the big house in broom field ave.

The Swiss Lodge had also been pulled down by then.

We Used to go to the speedway as children which was where the Deer Park Estate is now, and later the dog track was there for grey hound racing. That Was there   still in about 1956-1957.

In Those days you took your life in your hands comming out of mill lane, the exit was right out side the butchers shop onto the Watling st. The war memorial has moved about quite a bit as well. It once stood in the middle of the island ans in the little cull de sac in the road infront of the chemist and in the church yard.