Rose Freeman tells of Family History in Fazeley

Rose Freeman

The editor comments: At one time there were several noteable houses in Fazeley, they are mostly gone now. One of these fine houses was Fazeley House, the original Fazeley Vicarage. We are thankful to Rose Freeman for bringing it to our attention and for providing a glimpse into its history through comments and photographs.

Fazeley House was the original Fazeley vicarage. It was located very close to St Paul's Church and it can be seen on this map (circa 1910). There are no obvious signs of the house at the time of writing (Feb 2012) although there are still some residents who remember it.

The editor comments The Church car park occupies what was probably once the drive into Fazeley House and in 2012 the Church built a "Village Hall" approximately on the site of the old house.

These photographs, comments and information about Rev Robert Henry Tanner have been kindly provided by Rose Freeman (pictured above) who came across during her research into her own family history.

This picture of Fazeley House shows Jane, Rev Robert Henry Tanners wife in the doorway with two other unknown people by the horse and trap.

and some pictures of the inside of Fazeley House...

The Tanner Family

We thank Rose for providing these photographs, and more old photographs of Fazeley and nearby that are shown in that section of

Rev Robert Henry Tanner retires


Whereas the benefice of Fazeley, in the county of Stafford and diocese of Lichfield (hereinafter called the said benefice) was avoided on the thirtieth day of November last past by the resignation of the Reverend Robert Henry Tanner (hereinafter called the retired Incumbent), now we, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England, acting in accordance with our Regulations dated the thirtieth day of May, one thousand nine hundred and seven, relating to grants in aid of pensions to retired Incumbents (hereinafter called the said Regulations), do hereby grant out of our common fund to the retired Incumbent the yearly sum of fifty pounds during the life of the retired Incumbent, subject as hereinafter mentioned, such yearly sum to commence and be computed from the said thirtieth day of November last past, and to be paid by equal quarterly payments on the first day of February, the first day of May, the first day of August, and the first day of November in every year, subject nevertheless to cesser, determination, withdrawal, suspension or reduction as a grant made in accordance with the said Regulations, and to all other the provisions and conditions contained in the said Regulations and applicable to a grant made in accordance therewith.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our common seal, this eleventh day of February, one thousand nine hundred and nine.